About Philip

Chiropodist/Podiatrist in Antrim

I am Philip Kenny BSc(Hons) M.Ch.S. and have owned Antrim Foot Clinic since 2008.  Prior to buying over the practice, and immediately after qualifying in Podiatry, I worked alongside a more experienced Podiatrist in the Antrim Foot Clinic.

During this time I  worked part-time for a year with the NHS in North Antrim and also held clinics in Drogheda and Musgrave Hospitals.  All of this experience equipped me with a much wider and more diverse skills set that I now incorporate into my practice in the Antrim Foot Clinic.

Outside of my work life, I really enjoy a bit of downtime whilst walking Ted, my cocker spaniel.  I also play rugby with Ballymena RFC and love all watersports including waterskiing, wakeboarding, surfing and kayaking.  When I find a bit of time, I am a keen photographer and will always try and seize an opportunity for a great shot!

Who Are My Customers?

My customer base is very wide including all ages from toddlers to pensioners, from your office worker to your high level sports person.

The types of conditions that my customers present with is as varied as their backgrounds but the more common ones would be biomechanical abnormalities through to sports injuries, ingrown toenails, diabetic related problems, verrucas and corns.

I specialise in nail surgery for patients with severe nail problems.

My Aim

My main aim is to provide you with a high quality, professional and friendly service to all my patients.  I aim to remove your foot pain and maintain your mobility.

Antrim Foot Clinic is a specialised clinic where I, known as a Podiatrist, diagnose and treat specific foot and lower limb conditions. I also advise on how to prevent future foot problems occurring.

Regular visits to Antrim Foot Clinic will ensure feet are kept in good condition, helping the patient to avoid problems deteriorating and leading to further complications or to resolving situations completely.  In fact many of our loyal customers come back regularly just to get rid of that hard skin and keep their feet in tip-top condition.

We tend to take our feet for granted.  Day after day the 26 bones in each foot do their duty but sometimes those bones, along with the muscles, nerves, ligaments, blood vessels and skin that make up our feet need some attention.

Most foot conditions simply stem from abnormal pressures to feet from ill-fitting shoes, unbalanced gait, trauma and everyday wear and tear.

Your feet work hard and sometimes they rebel!  I offer long-term results based solutions to whatever your foot problems are.  I can provide a full bio-mechanical assessment for any lower leg pain or foot pain.  I will determine which orthotic insole is best suited to your problem and help to improve aches and pains.

If you play sports, or if you’re a runner, it’s even more vital to take care of your feet.  I can assess any injury or pain caused by sports and advise on suitable footwear.

We also use Orthotics (specialist insoles) where appropriate and these can be very important in improving gait thereby helping avoid painful conditions recurring. Certain types of Orthotics can have a positive effect on other areas of the body and one example of this is that it can help reduce knee and back pain.

What To Do Now

Feedback from my customers are that it is a very pleasant and pain-free experience after which they are delighted at the overall effect a simple treatment has on their overall well-being.

I’m a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and regulated by the Health Professions Council.  Within the practice we adhere to all appropriate regulations in a friendly, safe and clean environment.

If you want a health check consultation or would like to book a treatment, why not give me a call on 028 9446 0918.

Alternatively you can just get in touch by clicking here and completing a short form.

I look forward to helping you out of pain and discomfort.


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Philip Kenny BSc(Hons) M.Ch.S.